Employee Service Awards are Made Better with Personalized Plaques in Wyoming 

September 1, 2016 4:26 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Do you make a point to regularly recognize your company’s exemplary staff members? Or, perhaps you’re about to begin an employee recognition program. Whether you’re new to formally recognizing employees or you’re looking for a way to keep your recognition program fresh, it’s worthwhile to take some time to consider your options for personalized plaques in Wyoming.

Presenting your valued employees with personalized plaques has a variety of benefits. Read on to learn more:

Personalized plaques are more meaningful for the recipients: Taking time to create beautiful awards that are engraved with your employees’ names and that include thoughtful design will be meaningful for your staff and will make the award feel special. While presenting valued employees with plaques that aren’t personalized is still a kind gesture, the award will mean more when your staff know that you went the extra mile to create a special plaque that’s just for them.

So, take the time to present a special, individualized award rather than presenting them with a generic, cookie cutter award that won’t feel as meaningful or reflect your careful attention.

Individualized plaques will motivate people to earn awards: Employees like to feel special and receive recognition for their hard work, so being able to work toward receiving a thoughtfully created award will provide them with motivation to do their best.

And that’s a good thing. It’s great to have a team of dedicated, hard-working employees who are continually working to strive toward excellence.

Nicely designed plaques will raise the award’s prestige: By personalizing the plaques that your employees can earn, the awards will become more prestigious. Receiving a custom designed plaque creates a lasting memory for the employee receiving the award and gives them an attractive form of recognition to display in their office or on their desk.

The act of employees displaying their personalized awards will elevate the value of the award and your employees’ desire to earn it.

Personalized awards will feel more special for you as the giver: Knowing that you’re presenting a special, individualized plaque to an employee for a job well done will make the honor feel more unique and memorable for you, too.

Consider making the effort to approach the creation and presentation of awards in a more thoughtful way, and witness the benefits this brings for both you and your staff.

Ultimately, when choosing a personalized plaque, remember that you want to present an award that an employee will be proud to earn and that will motivate other colleagues to work toward earning that or another award. By including these suggestions in your plaque selection process and coming up with ideas of your own for customizing a plaque, you’re sure to end up with an award that’s both special and gets people talking.

When you’re ready to take a look at your options for personalized plaques in Wyoming, stop by USA Plaques. We love to create unique and customized products for any and all achievements. Beyond personalized plaques, we have the capabilities to customize just about any form of award, including economy awards, coffee cups, display cases, key chains, dog tags, acrylic awards, achievement awards, executive gift awards and more.

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