How to Provide the Proper Care for Your Trophies and Awards in Wyoming

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When you have worked so hard to win a trophy or award, you want to make sure it looks its best as you display it. Did you know that there are certain care processes that need to be carried out depending on the type of material from which your trophies and awards in Wyoming are made? The following tips will help you with cleaning and care for each type.

While it is pretty obvious that a simple smudge on your trophies and awards in Wyoming can just be cleaned with a cloth, trophies and plaques that are dulled or tarnished require some special preparation to make them shine again. Awards and trophies should be kept in a glass case for the best care, as this will prevent exposure to the elements and reduce the amount of dust that gets on them.

Cleaning metal trophies and awards

Awards and trophies that are made from stainless steel can be cleaned by soaking them in warm, soapy water. You can also simply clean them with a cloth in the solution, and then rinse with water. This will get them back to looking like new.

Stainless silver requires a different approach. You should just dust with a cloth on a regular basis. If you see tarnishing, use a tarnish cleaner to return the polish, but be sure to read the label and make sure it is okay for use on a trophy or award. Also be sure to keep these awards away from moisture, as this can damage the finish.

Pewter is an especially durable material for trophies and awards in Wyoming. You can just rinse them in water to return the shine. If yours need further cleaning, use a pewter cleaner, but be sure to use soft motions in a straight line to avoid scratching the surface.

Cleaning other trophies and awards

If you have an award that is made from glass or crystal, you can easily clean these in soapy water. If you want a good shine to restore them, try using a glass cleaner to remove smudges or dirt that have accumulated. This will really make them sparkle.

Wood trophies should be dusted and polished on a regular basis to keep the wood in good care. Just use a wood furniture polish on the surface to refresh the look and appearance.

When you have a resin-finished trophy or award in Wyoming, you can use warm, soapy water to keep them clean. This will not harm the resin and will make sure it looks like it did on the day you received it.

Marble trophies and awards, meanwhile, need special care, as they are porous and can absorb anything you put on their surface. Be sure to avoid using cleaners that can discolor the trophy or award. Just use warm, soapy water as a way to clean it frequently.

These simple steps will help you maintain the appearance of your trophies and awards in Wyoming over their lifetime. To order a trophy or award for your special event, contact USA Plaques today. We have a comprehensive range of plaques, awards and trophies to choose from to suit any event or activity you are commemorating.

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