Five Ideas for Custom Awards in Wyoming for Your Fantasy Football League

August 1, 2016 4:17 am Published by Leave your thoughts

With the fantasy football season just around the corner, now is a good time to make the game a little more fun with some custom awards in Wyoming for your players. These awards can create some friendly competition amongst the members of your league or be a big surprise at the end of the season. Here are some ideas for awards for your fantasy football league:

  • Trader award: This custom award in Wyoming should go to the player in your fantasy football league that makes the most trades. You know, that indecisive player that can’t make a decision and stick with it, who always tries to predict what is going to happen and constantly switches players to remain competitive. They probably have annoyed you all season and now it’s time to reward them for their efforts with a trophy for the most trades.
  • Last Minute award: Every fantasy football league has this player—the one that is finalizing his team at the very last minute. He is down to the very last second picking his lineup and has missed the deadline on several occasions, causing him to complain all day Sunday. You can now reward Mr. Last Minute for his procrastination with custom awards in Wyoming.
  • Always Injured award: This player has loads of trouble getting it together. The majority of his team is injured each week, causing him to make some desperate trades minutes before kickoff. Then, he grumbles about how well he would have done if all his players weren’t injured. You go through it every week with this player, earning him the Always Injured award.
  • Nonparticipant award: Custom awards in Wyoming like this one go to the player who swears he is going to participate and then doesn’t do anything with his team all year. He uses the automatic draft to pick his players, putting in the least amount of effort possible, and doesn’t switch his lineup all season, leaving it all up to fate. Make sure he knows your dissatisfaction with an award that signifies exactly what he is: a nonparticipant. (You might “accidentally” forget to invite him to the league next year!)
  • Bad Luck award: Honor the player with the worst luck of the season. This player has drafted the best defensive and offensive players, but they all seem to be underperforming, garnering him very little success. It seems that no matter who he picks up for his team, they don’t produce the results that he has expected. He seems to have the worst luck of any player in the fantasy football league. Honor his bad luck with custom awards in Wyoming.

Creating some fun awards for your fantasy football league will make the season more memorable and create even more incentive for your players. To pick out some custom awards in Wyoming for your league, visit USA Plaques today. We have an assortment of plaques, medals, trophies and awards that would be perfect to honor the players of your fantasy football league for their good (as well as their bad) performances this season.

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