Start Creating Your Fantasy Sports Trophy or Plaque Today

May 15, 2016 5:01 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Basketball season is winding down; baseball season is mid-swing; and football season is not too far off in the future… which means right now is the ideal time to start putting together your fantasy sports custom trophies and plaques in Wyoming!

In 2015, it was estimated that roughly 56.8 million people partook in fantasy sports in the USA and Canada. For many people, it wasn’t about the thrill of winning money or the strategy of the game. Instead, it was about crushing their friends and family members and taking home the coveted trophy to put on their mantle until next season! And it’s true, being able to hoist a trophy above your head in victory is a lot more satisfying than accepting a PayPal transfer for a couple hundred bucks.

As mentioned above, now is the ideal time to start putting together your fantasy sports trophy. Whether you’re slugging it out in fantasy baseball, hooping it up in fantasy basketball or you’re the premier armchair quarterback in your fantasy football league, you’re going to need a trophy when you take the top spot.

Now, if you’ve been doing this for a while, chances are you’re in a league where a trophy or award is already being passed around. But, if you’re starting up a new league or the old trophy doesn’t have anymore room to add winners’ names, it’s time to get the biggest, best prize you can find and customize it for your league. Take a look at a few options that are popular for fantasy sports custom trophies and plaques in Wyoming:

  • Sport-specific trophies are perhaps the most common and really shine a light on the sport you’re competing in. Basketballs and nets are popular, alongside baseballs and bats, while football often consists of a football or the coveted Lombardi Trophy.
  • Plaques are another common prize, with a dozen or more spots to house the names of winners in leagues that will tenure the same bunch of players.
  • Funny trophies are another great addition to fantasy sports leagues. Whether you have an inside joke with friends or you’re a lighthearted group who appreciates some humor in competition, a novelty trophy might be for you.
  • Finally, let’s not forget about medallions and medals. Some leagues literally bestow first place upon the winner with an Olympic-like medal. Often, in these leagues, new medals are made each year, to commemorate winners for that season.

Now, with all this talk of custom trophies and plaques in Wyoming for the winners, many leagues also honor their losers… though not usually in a triumphant way. We’ve seen toilet trophies, loser trophies, plaques of shame and more, all dedicated to celebrating that loveable loser of your group and motivating them to do better in upcoming seasons.

If you’re ready to start designing your fantasy sports trophy or plaque, waste no time in calling USA Plaques today to get started. We’ll help make sure your prizes are ready before the season starts or comes to an end.

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