Six Personalized Gifts for Mom this Mother’s Day

May 3, 2016 4:55 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Mother’s Day comes but once a year and when it does, moms across the world deserve to be honored for who they are and what they’ve done! Not only did mom bring you into the world, she was there to help raise you, there to be proud of you in your accomplishments, and she was there to see you become the person you are today. This Mother’s Day, make sure you’re showing mom exactly how appreciative you are of her!

Nothing says appreciation like a personalized gift—something that’s uniquely made for mom and no one else. But what kind of gift is right for your mother? Instead of slapping a personalized name plaque in Wyoming on something and calling it a gift, take a look at some of the other great options out there that can be tailored to be unique to your mom:

  • Wine gifts: After years and years of toiling to keep a home, raise children and hold down a job, mom deserves to kick back with a glass of wine. Consider a wine gift set for her! USA plaques offers a number of wine sets that can be customized specifically for mom, including cases, glasses, stoppers, corkscrews and, of course, wine!
  • Ornaments: The holidays may be a long way off, but Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Get mom an ornament that’s personalized and you can be sure she knows how much you appreciate her now and again at the end of the year, when the holiday season rings in. Put your family picture on the ornament, a special date or a quote to her—whatever special message will let her know you care.
  • Paperweights: The idea of a paperweight might be dull to some people, but there are so many options that can be personalized for mom! Choose an ornate crystal weight or a shaped glass weight and personalize your special message to her. That way, every time she’s at her desk or cycling through papers on the counter, she’ll be reminded of your appreciation for her.
  • iPhone case: Mom will be able to show the entire world that she’s appreciated and loved when her iPhone is wrapped in a special case from you! Each time she sets it on the table, takes it out of her purse or gets off the phone with you, she’ll be able to see your gift to her right in her hand. This is a great everyday reminder for mom that she’s cherished.
  • Photo gifts: Moms love pictures of their family—it’s just a fact! This Mother’s Day, give mom a beautiful photo gift that encapsulates her family in a unique and special way. Find the perfect photo, determine the perfect theme and add a personalized name plaque in Wyoming to make it a gift she’ll never forget.

Instead of doing the usual flowers and a card or scrambling to find mom a gift that’s good, but not great, try giving her a one of a kind gift this year that she’ll always hold dearly. Choose from any of the ideas above or visit our website at for more inspiration!

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